Thursday, April 10, 2008

That thing we can't admit.

The links off Dw3t-Hthr's recent post have gotten me to thinking again. I'm not going to go into the heart of the fiasco, because I'm only a bystander and the injured party doesn't want more shit stirred for her sake, but, you know, thoughts.

Why is it that racism is the one sin we can't seem to admit to? Okay, so it's not just racism, it's prejudices in general, because they're all connected, but it really seems to come up an awful lot when women of color take white feminists to task for being racist.

How hard is it to say, "Sorry, I see that what I did there marginalized you and appropriated your work in a way that was racist of me, and I'll work to fix that behavior now"?

We live in a racist (among other ugly things) society. Those of us who grow up under the invisible banner of privilege are going to have racist thoughts, are going to do racist things. Me? I am a little middle-class white girl whose understanding of the issues of people of color is largely limited to anime (I mean, seriously), the television of David Simon (a white man, I might add), and blogs. I'm going to think and say and do racist shit sometimes, and then I'm going to have to apologize for it and make sure I don't do it in the future. Them's the breaks. It's how we learn.

Denying it when it's this obvious only adds "being a self-involved ass" to the list of bad behaviors you're displaying.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

trying to post more, New Scientist edition

March 15-21 edition, New Scientist magazine:

"Using data on political groups in Bangladesh, for example, [Steve] Shellman's team [at the University of Georgia in Athens, US] has shown that repressive government policies, such as violent clampdowns on political groups, have side effects. When many political groups were repressed at once, formerly peaceful groups turned violent. So, while repression might seem attractive to governments, the model shows it often backfires."

No, really?

I suppose now at least we can at least say that it is scientifically proven that oppression is a Bad Thing.