Saturday, December 22, 2007

Assumptions make you and me very confused.

So I was at work when a sales rep who was helping us out with the holiday rush invited me to the following party:

...yeah. A Christmas party, labeled "Holiday Hookups," with interlocking Mars/Venus symbols below it.

I stare at it blankly for a few moments, then go after the rep. I tap meaningfully at the symbols: "This isn't my kind of party." He looks at me. Tap, tap, tap. Finally he says, "Oh, you don't have to hook up with anybody if you don't want."

Whoosh. No, I'm not part of your group.

I look at the back of the card. The party starts at 11 pm and goes to "???", it says. "Donations in advance" are $30 for guys and $10 for girls (and, I have no doubt, if this was questioned, someone would talk about how much easier and more advantageous it makes things for girls). It's in one of the biggest and most dangerous cities in the state.

But hey, it's got an open bar all night! What could possibly go wrong?

Me, I think I'll be playing City of Heroes or Super Mario Galaxy instead. I'm sure there's a happy medium between the two options somewhere, but for now, this helps me feel more secure about my extreme...

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belledame222 said...


and yes, mighty white of him to tell you you don't -have- to hook up with anyone if you don't want to.

"sure, I'd love to just sit there and sip watery, overpriced drinks with an increasingly fixed smile while fending off clueless/obnoxious het boys, exchanging mechanically chirpy "hi how ARE you, love the new hairdo, airkiss" with the women, watching the mating rituals, and listening to Coldplay. Because, it's not like I'd have the opportunity to do that anywhere ELSE."